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Hey hey!!!I have put a BUG section! I will put screenshots of TTDLX bugs. I will also put screenshots of the stupidity of the oponnents! Well I work hard on this site while my buddies sits on is fat ass and do nothing...(I just wanted to tell it) Well I will update the road vehicles very soon so come back. Oh and I will put the weekly tip during the week.

FTP Server
To send your maps, saved games, and other TTDLX goods, we thougt it would have been a good idea to have a FTP server.  So you'll be able to upload things on our site.  Please don't delete anything (anyway, by doing this, you will only affect the ftp, so you'll be the looser).  The ftp address is, you will need a FTP program like cuteFTP, if you don't know how to use FTP, send your maps at
Maps and Saved games
Those sections will be added one day, so come back soon, we will ad it when we get out of this f-ing dimension....

Weekly tips
    The first tip added here is from DJGoyer here
    Second tip here
    The third tip!!here


Road vehicles details

BUGS!!!!!! And opponnents stupidity!

First bug page here!!!!!
Stupid opponents page 1 here

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